Who Can Apply

Who can apply ? What criteria are Hands of Hope Faith Academy looking for?

Hands of Hope Faith Academy is a school for making good kids better.

Duane, Jenny and Joseph are very specific about there vision for the school: to engage students in a quality Christ-centred education that equips and challenges them to reach their unique potential spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically following Christ's call to excellence.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy is a private school. School fees are heavily subsidised, 200 peso per month, and this covers tuition, stationary and uniform costs. Applications and Registrations from K to Grade 6 are welcomed for 2019.

A place at Hands of Hope Faith Academy is not dependent on high academic, sporting, musical and cultural achievement. The candidate is however expected to demonstrate the commitment to achieve to their full potential – whatever level that might be.

Candidates are also expected to have demonstrated the ability to relate well to their peers and to show respect, tolerance and consideration to all. These attributes are very important in a close community such as ours.

All parents/guardians are expected to participate actively in a partnership with the school to empower their child to become the “good and useful” citizen. There is also an expectation that parents/guardians provide a home environment that is aligned to the values upheld by the School.

Hands of Hope Faith Academy is a Christian School and while families of other religions (or of no religion) may apply, they must accept that their child will be educated and will participate in the traditions of the Christian faith whilst at the School.