Primitivo Acosta Asperin

Three years ago we had the privilege of meeting Mr Asperin as we needed access to his property to build our school. He passed away early 2014 and in honour of his memory and his daughters generosity we have set up this page.

Honouring Primitivo Acosta Asperin

Mabuhay friends of Hands of Hope Academy

On January 6th, 2014 in the late morning, my little sister Vilma and I arrived at the hospital in Baguio City, where our father was being cared for, and spent time conversing with gratitude about the memories of our family. Our father, the late Primitivo Acosta Asperin, passed at 8:39pm that evening. An overwhelming week followed where we experienced what truly meant the world to him.

First, to be a good friend. His classmates from elementary school thru college (his “barcada”) visited him, still resounding with joy in their hearts from their memories together. Second, to live a life with extraordinary generosity. Everyone had a story about what Dad had done for them – all seemed to be tailored to exactly what mattered in their lives. And third, to value education and travel as a way to experiencing a bigger world. At 73, Dad still wanted to ensure that young children in his neighborhood had access to dedicated teachers in informative schools.

Dad was the first to believe in us. I will always remember him holding my hand that entire afternoon in the hospital. And then walking in procession past the house he grew up in, then to the Basilica where he was an altar boy. And, finally saying goodbye at the cemetery, surrounded by friends, business partners and family.

It has been an overwhelming couple of years. There are a lot of emotions (and paperwork!) to sift through. But, the joy and the integrity of our father has been the constants we hold on to. During one of our visits, we met Sir Duane Newport, a close friend of our father and the pastor of the Hands of Hope Faith Academy.

Over the years, Duane and Dad had developed a friendship and a shared commitment to be agents of change. This friendship has extended seamlessly between Duane and us, which has inspired all of us to honor our father's legacy.

We are pleased to introduce:

Primitivo Acosta Asperin Scholarship, to celebrate two young leaders every year in recognition for their scholastic achievement, living lives with integrity and exemplifying the value of relationships. CLICK HERE to Apply

Starting in 2016, my sisters and I encourage each student of Hands of Hope Academy to apply for the scholarship by sharing your story and your hope for the future. We will accept applications up to November 27th of every year, the day of his birthday. One boy and one girl will be awarded a scholarship on January 6th of every year, in celebration of our father's life.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020-2021

Primitivo Acosta Asperin Scholarship

Brandon Corpuz

Sophia Ramirez

Previous Winners

With smiles in our hearts,

Tibong's Daughters: Vivian, Lilian and Vilma